Skein or re-skein .. that is the question!

Posted by Leigh Koegler on

How do you like your skeins?
Top: twisted up from the dye pot
Bottom: re-skeined with colors mixed

As a shopper I tend to gravitate to skeins that are not re-skeined.

As a vendor I always re-skein. Re-skeining ensures that the
skeins will be knot free.  It also allows customers to see how
the colors will knit up.

I took an informal poll on Instagram yesterday and 
the results were literally 50 /50 !

Loved all the feedback as well.

For now I'll keep doing as I have been.  If I can I will post
photos of both.  I don't mind the re-skeining.  Makes everthing
look so tidy too!




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